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Posted By aj on 04/24/07

Today in my email I was asked about fleshlight (the nets most popular sex toy) and if I knew any good places to see stuff about it or more information aside from their site. So as always I said no problem let me surf around an see what I can come across. Well most sites I found were very much the same until some how I ended up at this link I have posted below speaking about the techniques and teaching about a art called “brinkmanship”

Read More About Flesh light Now

Now for those who have never heard of brinkmanship (dont be ashamed, I had never heard of it either) its a pretty interestin concept and actually does make a bit of sense and I will see if it actually works. Here is the gist of it though.

This is a technique to increase your stamina and increase the time you can have sex. Brinkmanship teaches you how to get to climax and then take it back without having the actual orgasm. That way you last much longer and also share the enjoyment together.

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Posted By aj on 04/24/07

I have said it before and I will say it again, I really love these new dating sites that are on the net. Now some have fake profiles and others just don’t seem to have many girls or people just wanting to hookup. Well we all know AdultFriendFinder has been around forever and boasts one of the largest member base against all the other online dating sites around today.

Why am I talking about this? well I was searching for some cute girls in my area and came across a couple of cute naughty bi-sexual girls who are up for some fun. The best part is they sent me their free picture gallery attached to their profile and let me tell you this, it is hot. So hot I just had to share it with everyone on here.

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So they sent me this photoset and if you are even thinking of skipping this gallery today, think again and take a peak at these real hot girls getting down and wet with each other.

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Posted By aj on 04/23/07

I come across so many picture and movie galleries everyday while I’m surfing to find some of the newest and hottest porn to share with all of you. Well after my last post on the dating site Adult Friend Finder a bunch of you had emailed me some of the girls you had come across and asked if we could share them with everyone. So after going through the pile of hot real amateur girls posing and getting hardcore we finally found a winner that I think everyone will agree is hot as hell.

See All The Hot Girls Here

So what this brings me to is a simple game. I want to see what hot girls you can find on Adult Friend Finder and share them with me via email. I will randomly post girls to share with everyone else and we can make it a weekly or bi weekly event. I guess it will be like featuring a home town hottie with everyone.

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Posted By aj on 04/18/07

Yes, normally I don’t post on my blog with such explicit titles but this posting wouldn’t be the same without stressing how wild some people can get when they are are on live web cam broadcasts. I have seen a lot of things that girls often do on their web cams and most seem the same. Now and then you come across someone who just raises the bar on hardcore and really makes everyone else seem like the Mickey mouse club on web cam. Why mention all this? well I’m glad you asked me.

I was jumping from chat host to chat host today and I came across one that said she was more hardcore than hardcore its self. So I asked her what she was talking about and of course was not prepared to hear her response, well not hear but see her response. This girl goes wild! wait wild in not the term for her. Her primal instincts are more wild than a wolf in the midst of a hunt. So she showed me a good time and I could really tell she was more than enjoying what she was doing. Her profile had a free picture set to share, although its not to wild you really have to take a peak at this cutie.

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Posted By aj on 04/17/07

The title really says it all. From our friends at GiveMePink we present you a really hot picture and movie gallery for free on todays post. This blonde not only has a nice tight body and legs that seem to reach the heavens but she really loves to slam her self with dildos and whatever her hands can get a hold of it seems. And when you think it couldnt get any better the free movie trailer included in this gallery at the top just shows how hot and wet this girl makes her self when she starts to get naughty.

We always see the same high quality movies and pictures from this site and I am happy to share this new hot gallery with all my readers, new or old im glad you have stopped by to see todays post.

Visit Give Me Pink

As always keep on coming back for more hot new updates and free porn that you will only see at this site!

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Posted By aj on 04/16/07

Ok I was looking for a new chat host on my favorite webcam chatting site this morning and came across this hot ass. Not only that it is a hot sweet as it is just a glimps on how naughty she can really get. This girl loves to show it off and even rub oil on it to make it really stand out. So we went into chat and started to talk before we went into a one on one and found out that we are both into a lot of the same sexual things, Before you know it she bending over spanking her self and asking me to tell her what to do next.

So of course I complied and I really wanted to see how far I could get this cutie to go on cam. Well lets just say I pretty much ran out of things to tell her to do without her saying no. So if your looking for a really wild girl for webcam chats you have to check this girl out

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